About Us

Boders Tea is an online food ordering and delivery service platform was founded in Sungai Petani Kedah Malaysia for expanding choice and convenience, allowing consumers to order from a wide array of restaurants with a single click or tap of their desktop or mobile phone.

The e-commerce idea has became a trend nowadays, as so this make us decided to bring this online food delivery platforms concept to this town and sharing to every each people here. Our vision still can't be satisfy with just bring convenience to only consumers, we also hope to provide and assistwhich collaborated local restaurants to manage and run their delivery service, new marketing method, advertise assist restaurant to intent on bringing more orders to generate their sales and revenues. In the same time we also hope can bring more job opportunities in this town.

Time is gold was often mentioned by this era, so it very disgusting when stuck in the traffic for few hours, keep drive and turn around just looking for a parking space was always in shortage, and those endless work have to rush before due date caused you no time to out for lunch even dinner, This is why Boders Tea was founded, and we're here to bring consumers more convenience and more time.

Meals are delivered to diner’s doorstep with just a simple click and now that’s convenience at your fingertips and bring you to No long queue , No stuck in traffic , No rush and No out of parking space.And Boders Tea Delivery is here to hope what we providing really can bring you convenience and hope you enjoy ours services. Start "RIDING" us now!